Stress Does Not Have to Rule Your Life!

Manage stress, feel better, enjoy your life & achieve more!

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Are you tired of all the stress, tension and fear?  Do you feel like things are out of control?
Is stress getting in the way of living your life the way you would like?
What if you could be more relaxed, confident and feel like you’re in control?



Learn how to manage stress using hypnosis.

Here’s what clients have to say…

Amy San Miguel - Stress ManagementAmy San Miguel  “I have been able to stop biting my nails after 35 years of having this habit.  I don’t feel stressed and overwhelmed anymore.  I feel calm and confident in my abilities and that everything is going to be okay.  I am more confident around my coworkers and the people I meet and feel comfortable expressing my opinions and sharing things about me.  I also feel more comfortable about getting to know new people and be able to carry on a conversation.  I am really happy to feel relaxation and calmness in any situation.”*
Stress Management HypnosisGayleen Gray  “Since I started hypnosis the changes or developments I’ve experienced include or have resulted in:
– A comfortable acceptance of what I can control and what is out of my control
– Less self judgement and more acceptance of who I am and how I deal with situations
– An increased level of calm and patience where I was more easily agitated before.”*

Joanne FennellJoanne Fennell “I have gone from constant anxiety and worry to a feeling of calm happiness…

Overall, I sleep better, I have more energy and I am so much happier.”*

e63e64e2-1d15-42a7-aefe-2dec72edc301Anne P.   “I came to Angela with the objective of decreasing my time spent worrying.  What I learned was techniques, like the anchor, that allow me to feel more control of situations.  Another technique I learned was visualization.  By changing the dynamics of how I view a situation I can in turn change how I feel and react.  I have used the tools with very positive results – by focusing on me – how I manage situations – how I react – in the end I feel more empowered and therefore worry less.”*

success, hypnosis, weight loss, quit smoking, lose weight, stress, confidence, Guelph Hypnosis WorksShawn G.  “Through hypnosis I have learned to let go of past frustrations with relationships and work which were cluttering my present emotional state.  I have learned to be a positive person.  I feel attractive, successful and ambitious.  I feel less tired and have more time for family.  I am moving forward to a better quality of life.”* 

Hand squeezing a stress ballL. Brown  “My life is much more manageable since starting with Angela. I feel more grounded in my days and able to stay present and focused with my clients and my family… I wake up happier and in a positive frame of mind.”*  

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