Confidence Can Be Yours!

Have more confidence in your relationships, career and life. Let hypnosis help you increase confidence!

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When your confidence or self-esteem is low your life is impacted.  Consequently, you are not able to enjoy your life as much as you could.  You are disappointed in yourself.  Maybe you are self-conscious when you are around others.  You procrastinate and therefore find ways to distract from doing what you need to do because you fear being scrutinized.

Your confidence level could be impacting your relationships, career or your financial situation.  It is holding you back from doing what you want to do with your life.   Deep down you know you are more than capable of achieving greater things but you are feeling stuck and don’t know how to escape that feeling of being trapped.  Let hypnosis help you change all that!

Marshall Used Hypnosis to Increase Confidence and Improve His Golf Game!

We offer custom hypnosis programs to help you gain the confidence you need.

Unlock your confidence advice or reminder - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of espresso coffeeCraig    “I wasn’t sure what to do with anxiety and low confidence levels.  I decided to do hypnosis and discovered a new of thinking about myself and how I view others.  I have been able to overcome any attacks and I understand how to deal with different situations and my confidence is back and I truly enjoyed my experience here.”*
759165Mathew C.   I was anxious and avoided social situations.  With this treatment, I am a confident person, fulfilling my goals to stay focused and calm.  I actively engage in social activities and enjoy meeting and working with new people.”*
Stress Management and Increase ConfidenceKeith Wettlaufer  “My overall frame of mind is more positive. When I first arrived I had a defeatist/negative attitude after being fired from my job.  I was dwelling more on the fact that I could lose everything including my property. My thinking now is on what actions do I need to take”*

Finance concept: Confidence on green road highway sign, clear blue sky background, 3d renderJean Walter   “When I came here for help, I was a nervous wreck.  I didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere.  I was scared of people and places and had much stress.  After going through this program, I feel wonderful.  I have confidence in myself and I have achieved some goals that I needed to get in the real world.  Most of all I can relax and be calm in stressful situations.”*

Free Hypnotic Screening
We provide a FREE 30-40 minute screening. It’s interesting and enlightening. We give you an in depth and truthful explanation of hypnosis and assess your situation. If we do not believe hypnosis will benefit you, we will tell you so.  Call today 519-830-6060.

Guelph Hypnosis Works has been helping people stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress as well as overcome fears and unwanted habits in the Guelph area since 2014.  Serving Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Fergus, Elora, Elmira and surrounding communities.